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August 7


Registration desk 11:00
Welcome 13:00
Plenary Talk I 13:15 Seiji Yamada (NII) Human-Agent Interaction: Problems and the solutions
coffee break 14:15
Oral Session I-1: Human Behavior in Communication 14:30 Ryo Sato (Shizuoka University)
Yugo Takeuchi (Shizuoka University)
Coordinating Turn-Taking and Talking in Multi-Party Conversations by Controlling a Robot’s Eye-Gaze
14:50 Hung-Hsuan Huang (Ritsumeikan University)
Sayumi Shibusawa (Ritsumeikan University)
Yugo Hayashi (Tsukuba University)
Kyoji Kawagoe (Ritsumeikan University)
Toward a Virtual Companion for the Elderly: an Investigation on the Interaction between the Attitude and Mood of the Participants during Active Listening honorablemention_small
15:10 Akira Ito (Gifu University)
Kazunori Terada (Gifu University)
Mind-reading communication under the conflict of interests honorablemention_small
15:30 Natsuki Oka (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Ryoma Ogami (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Xia Wu (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Chie Fukada (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Motoyuki Ozeki (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Meaning acquisition of sentence-final particles `yo’ and `ne’ through human-robot interaction honorablemention_small
coffee break 15:50
Oral Session I-2: Human Awareness for Agents 16:05 Kazuki Kobayashi (Shinshu Univ.)
Seiji Yamada (NII)
Shape Shifting Device to Inform Notification based on Peripheral Cognition Technology
16:25 Ryuko Sugahara (Tokyo Polytechnic University)
Daisuke Katagami (Tokyo Polytechnic University)
Proposal of discommunication robot
16:45 Kentaro Ishii (The University of Tokyo)
Yuji Taniguchi (Keio University)
Hirotaka Osawa (University of Tsukuba)
Kazuhiro Nakadai (Honda Research Institute)
Michita Imai (Keio University)
Merging Viewpoints of User and Avatar in Automatic Control of Avatar-Mediated Communication honorablemention_small
17:05 Yusuke Kanai (Keio University)
Mahisorn Wongphati (Keio University)
Hirotaka Osawa (University of Tsukuba)
Michita Imai (Keio University)
Colony Agent: Tactile feedback device evokes a feel of unified with Agent in the mind of users
coffee break 17:25
Oral Session I-3: Human’s Impressions of Agents 17:40 Derek Cormier (University of Manitoba)
James Young (University of Manitoba)
Masayuki Nakane (University of Manitoba)
Gem Newman (University of Manitoba)
Stephane Durocher (University of Manitoba)
Would You Do as a Robot Commands? An Obedience Study for Human-Robot Interaction honorablemention_small
18:00 Yugo Hayashi (University of Tsukuba)
Victor Kryssanov (Ritsumeikan University)
Influence of pedagogical agents’ and learners’ social status on an online tutoring task: Investigation on affective states
18:20 Tatsuya Nomura (Ryukoku University)
Kentaro Hayata (Ryukoku University)
Influences of Gender Values into Interaciton with Agents: An Experiment Using a Small-Sized Robot
Welcome reception 19:00

honorablemention_small: Honorable mention

August 8

Oral Session II-1: Estimating User’s Intention 9:00 Takahisa Tani (Sokendai)
Seiji Yamada (NII)
Estimating User Interruptibility by Measuring Table-top Pressure
9:20 Sangwook Kim (Kyungpook National University)
Swathi Kavuri (Kyungpook National University)
Minho Lee (Kyungpook National University)
Intention Recognition and Object Recommendation System using Deep Auto-encoder based Affordance Model
9:40 Divesh Lala (Kyoto Univrersity)
Toyoaki Nishida (Kyoto University)
Yasser Mohammad (Kyoto University)
Unsupervised gesture recognition system for learning manipulative actions in virtual basketball
10:00 Yongho Jo (KAIST)
Dong-Soo Kwon (KAIST)
Classifications of Driving Patterns Using a Supervised Learning Method for Human-Vehicle Interaction
coffee break 10:20
Oral Session II-2: Social Aspects of HAI 10:35 Reina Aramaki (Toyo University)
Makoto Murakami (Toyo University)
Investigating Appropriate Relative Position of User and AR Character Agent for Communication Using AR WoZ System honorablemention_small
10:55 Akira Imayoshi (Hokkaido University)
Hiroshi Yoshikawa (Hokkaido University)
Nagisa Munekata (Hokkaido University)
Tetsuo Ono (Hokkaido University)
Robots that Can Feel the Mood: Adaptive Interrupts in Conversation Using the Activity of Communications honorablemention_small
11:15 Tatsuya Mori (Toyohashi University of Technology )
Shohei Sawada (Toyohashi University of Technology )
Ravindra De Silva (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Michio Okada (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Social Trash Box Robot: Behavior Parsing and Goal Inferences in Dynamic Interactions
11:35 Yu Kobayashi (Tokyo Polytechnic University )
Masahide Yuasa (Shonan Institute of Technology)
Daisuke Katagami (Tokyo Polytechnic University)
Development of an interactive digital signage based on F-formation system
lunch break 11:55 free lunch box
Plenary Talk II 13:25 Hiroyuki Itoh (Crypton Future Media) “Hatsune Miku” as an Interface
coffee break 14:25
Poster Session 14:40 Hirotaka Osawa (University of Tsukuba) Agentphobia and Emotional Labor: How Human-Agent Interaction Contributes to the Preservation of our Humanity P01
Michael Partridge (HIT Lab NZ)
Christoph Bartneck (University of Canterbury)
The Invisible Naked Guy: An exploration of a minimalistic robot P02
Yu Suzuki (Miyagi University)
Shunsuke Morioka (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Hirotada Ueda (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Cooking Support with a Robotic Agent -Mincing an Onion- P03
Tomoko Yonezawa (Kansai University)
Hirotake Yamazoe (Osaka University)
Investigation of Object-indicating Behaviors ~ Between Spacial Difficulty and Robot’s Degree of Freedom ~ P04
Takahiro Tanaka (TUAT)
Kinya Fujita (TUAT)
Secretary Agent for Mediating Interaction Initiation P05
Yukari Nakatani (Kansai University)
Tomoko Yonezawa (Kansai University)
Abotar: An Expressive Method of Web Communication using Appearances of Avatars Attached to Text Messages and Remarks P06
Naoto Yoshida (Kansai university)
Tomoko Yonezawa (Kansai University)
SCoViA: Effectiveness of spatial communicative virtual agent based on motion parallax P07
Yasuhiro Suzuki (Nagoya Univ.)
Rieko Suzuki (Facetherapie Co.Ltd, Keio Univ.)
A method for “composing” tactile sense and its application for Human Agent Interaction P08
Michal Ptaszynski (Kitami Institute of Technology)
Fumito Masui (Kitami Institute of Technology)
Pawel Dybala (Otaru University of Commerce)
Rafal Rzepka (Hokkaido University)
Kenji Araki (Hokkaido University)
Open Source Affect Analysis System with Extensions P09
Masatoshi Sato (Hokkaido University)
Hidetoshi Nonaka (Hokkaido University)
Johannes Mikulasch (Technische Universität München)
Takeshi Yoshikawa (Hokkaido University)
Masanori Sugimoto (Hokkaido University)
Manipulation of Virtual Robotic Arm Using 2D Pointing Device P10
Jean-Daniel Dessimoz (HESSO.HEIG-VD Western Switzerl)
Pierre-François Gauthey (HESSO.HEIG-VD)
Two Contributions to Foster Human Agent Interaction, the MCS Theory of Cognition and the Piaget Integrative Environment P11
Yoshito Ogawa (Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda University)
Kaho Harada (School of Human Sciences, Waseda University)
Hideaki Kikuchi (Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University)
Effects of an Agent Feature Comprehension on the Emotional Attachment of Users P12
Ryota Nishimura (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Yuki Todo (Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technol)
Kazumasa Yamamoto (Toyota National College of Technology, Japan)
Seiichi Nakagawa (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Chat-like Spoken Dialog System for a Multi-party Dialog Incorporating Two Agents and a User P13
Naoki Yamamoto (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Kenta Fukamachi (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Yasutaka  Takeda (Toyohashi University of Technology)
P. Ravindra S De Silva (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Michio Okada  (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Mako-no-Te: To Explore Side-to-Side Communication through the Intersubjectectivity P14
Yonezawa Ken (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Hirotada Ueda (Kyoto Sangyo University)
A Movie-watching System by Muliple Telepresence Robots P15
Daniel J. Rea (University of Manitoba)
Takeo Igarashi (The University of Tokyo)
James E. Young (University of Manitoba)
Behavior Primitives for End-User NPC Behavior Creation P16
Megumi Tsujimoto (Hokkaido University)
Nagisa Munekata (Hokkaido University)
Tetsuo Ono (Hokkaido University)
Evaluating How the Human’s Impression Formation of Robots is Effected by the Relation between the Robots P17
Wataru Kodama (Hokkaido University)
Nagisa Munekata (Hokkaido University)
Tetsuo Ono (Hokkaido University)
Agents on Robots: Mixed Reality Robots with Changeable Appearances depending on the Situation P18
Haruaki FUKUDA (The University of Tokyo)
Kazuhiro Ueda (The University of Tokyo)
Can we perceive animacy from artficial agents? : A brain ERP study using a motion Turing Test P19
Yoshimasa Tawatsuji (Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda University)
Keiichi Muramatsu (Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University)
kazuaki Kojima (Learning Technology Laboratory, Teikyo University)
Tatsunori Matsui (Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University)
Explanation for Human Sensitive Response to a Humanlike Agent Focusing on Amygdalar Function P20
Masatoshi Kimura (Toyota Technological Institute)
Michihiro Kawanishi (Toyota Technological Institute)
Tatsuo Narikiyo (Toyota Technological Institute)
Motion Intention Recognition for Wearable Power Assist System using Multi-Class SVM and Kinematic Model P21
Mitsuru Muramatsu (Keio University)
Yusuke Kamiyama (Keio University)
Shunji Yamanaka (The University of Tokyo)
The proposal of the agent robot design to realize lifelike motion using the rotary joint P22
Amna AlZeyara (Carnegie Mellon University)
Micheline Ziadee (Carnegie Mellon University)
Majd F. Sakr (Carnegie Mellon University)
Arabic Accented Facial Expressions for a 3D Agent P23
Ayano Yoshida (Future University Hakodate)
Shigeru Sakurazawa (Future University Hakodate)
The effect of delay time for response to action on the sense of living organisms P24
Shigeru Sakurazawa (Future University Hakodate)
Hiroko Nishi (Future University Hakodate)
Hitomi Ishikawa (Future University Hakodate)
Effect of Entrainment Phenomena to Intimacy of Firefly Robots P25
Takashi Omori (Tamagawa University)
Kazuhiro Okutani (Nippon Chemi-Con Corp.)
Model of Tricking using Belief on Unobservable Other P26
Banquet 18:00

honorablemention_small: Honorable mention

August 9

Oral Session III-1: Presence for Distance Communication 9:00 Komei Hasegawa (University of Tsukuba)
Yasushi Nakauchi (University of Tsukuba)
Preliminary Evaluation of a Telepresence Robot Conveying Pre-motions for Avoiding Speech Collisions
9:20 Rui Yan (A*STAR)
Keng Peng Tee (I2R, A*STAR)
Yuanwei Chua (I2R, A*STAR)
Zhiyong Huang (I2R, A*STAR)
Haizhou Li (I2R, A*STAR)
An Attention-Directed Robot for Social Telepresence
9:40 Tomoko Yonezawa (Kansai University)
Noriko Suzuki (Doshisha University)
Kenji Mase (Nagoya University)
Kiyoshi Kogure (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
Appearance and Physical Presence of Anthropomorphic Media in Parallel with Non-face-to-face Communication honorablemention_small
10:00 Junya Nakanishi (Osaka University)
Kaiko Kuwamura (Osaka University)
Takashi Minato (ATR)
Shuichi Nishio (ATR)
Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University)
Evoking Affection for a Communication Partner by a Robotic Communication Medium
coffee break 10:20
Oral Session III-2: Designing Appearances of Agents 10:35 Christoph Bartneck (University of Canterbury)
Mohammad Obaid (University of Canterbury)
Karolina Zawieska (PIAP)
Agents with faces – What can we learn from LEGO Minfigures? honorablemention_small
10:55 Hirotaka Osawa (University of Tsukuba)
Michita Imai (Keio University)
Enhancing Empathy toward an Agent by Immersive Learning honorablemention_small
11:15 Takafumi Sakamoto (Shizuoka University)
Yugo Takeuchi (Shizuoka University)
Interaction to Unknown Entity in Virtual Embodied Interaction
11:35 Ryoko Shibata (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Takatsugu Kojima (Shiga University of Medical Science)
Motoyuki Ozeki (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Natsuki Oka (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
How does the continuous use of infant-directed speech to a robot influence the user?
lunch break 11:55 free lunch box
Plenary Talk III 13:25 Minho Lee (Kyungpook National University) Human augmented cognition based on intention recognition
coffee break 14:25
Oral Session III-3: Agent’s Functionality for Advanced Communication 14:40 Oh-hun Kwon (KAIST)
Jeong-Yean Yang (KAIST)
Dong-Soo Kwon (KAIST)
Motivational Expression on Smart Walker for Rehabilitation Exercise
15:00 Felix Jimenez (Chukyo University)
Masayoshi Kanoh (Chukyo University)
Effect of Advances in Wisdom of Robot in Collaborative Learning
15:20 Kaoru Sumi (Future University Hakodate)
Ryuji Ebata (Future University Hakodate)
Human Agent Interaction for Learning Service-Minded Communication
15:40 Toshihiro Osumi (Keio University)
Hirotaka Osawa (University of Tsukuba)
Michita Imai (Keio University)
Proposal for an agent model which has imagined human relationship
Closing&Award 16:00

honorablemention_small: Honorable mention