Information for Presenters

Information for Presenters

There are two types of papers:

  • LONG papers = 25 minutes total for presentation (recommended: 20 minutes for talk and 5 minutes for questions)
  • SHORT papers = 15 minutes total for presentation (recommended: 12 minutes for talk and 3 minutes for questions)

Speakers can either:

  • Bring your own laptop to connect to the projector: both HDMI and VGA will be available, but bring your own adaptors for Mac or USB-C; OR
  • Use the PC at the conference room: bring your slides in PDF format on a USB stick.

Speakers should arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of their scheduled session to make sure that everything works. This is particularly important for speakers who have video to show with audio tracks.

Speakers should check in with their designated Session Chair (listed on the Technical Programme page and in the programme booklet) when they arrive.