Title Influence of pedagogical agentsf and learnersf social status on an online tutoring task: Investigation on affective states
Authors Yugo Hayashi (University of Tsukuba)
Victor Kryssanov (Ritsumeikan University)
Abstract The present study will focus on the factors related to the affective state of learners during pedagogy by conversational agents. The main research questions are as follows: (1) How do male and female learnersf emotions differ in terms of sensitivity, based on Russellfs (1980) bipolar model of emotion, and (2) how are male and female studentsf affective states and interpersonal impressions influenced by the gender and ethnicity of the agent? Three experiments were conducted with students enrolled in an undergraduate psychology class that included an online-tutoring activity. Results suggested that (1) male students demonstrated stronger affective effects than female students did when tutored by the female agents, and (2) learnersf level of activation was higher when they were interacting with agents of the same gender.
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