Title Investigating Appropriate Relative Position of User and AR Character Agent for Communication Using AR WoZ System
Authors Reina Aramaki (Toyo University)
Makoto Murakami (Toyo University)
Abstract The aim of this study is to construct a system that can communicate with humans in their daily life. We propose a human-agent communication system using augmented reality (AR) technology, in which the AR character agent has no physical body, thus facilitating its safe performance in the real environment. As the first step in implementing the motion control component of the AR agent, we focused on investigating the appropriate spatial relationship between the user and the AR agent using some experimental settings. We constructed an AR WoZ system, and collected the interaction data in a simple experimental setting: the user sits at a desk and communicates with the AR agent standing in various positions on the desk. We investigated the spatial relationship between the user and the AR agent appropriate for communication. The results show that many subjects felt that it was appropriate to talk with the AR agent when it was straight in front of and approximately 70-93 cm away from them.
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