Title Social Trash Box Robot: Behavior Parsing and Goal Inferences in Dynamic Interactions
Authors "Tatsuya Mori (Toyohashi University of Technology )
Shohei Sawada (Toyohashi University of Technology )
Ravindra De Silva (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Michio Okada (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Abstract Robot can execute and switch desirable behaviors in dynamic interactions which depend on the precise distance between the interactive person and the robot, which is very important for a social trash box robot to collect the trash. Our work aims to centralize the robot's personal space for a social trash box (STB) robot to explore desirable or optimum behaviors and to establish trust in social interaction with humans, as well as how to determine how these behaviors are able to convey its intention or goal within each space. Our investigation is directed to explore; suitable behaviors which can convey STB intention from "asking help" and "not-asking help," and what are the most optimum STB behaviors in each space to convey its intention in dynamic interactions.
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