Title A Movie-watching System by Muliple Telepresence Robots
Authors Yonezawa Ken (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Hirotada Ueda (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Abstract Telepresence systems which paid their attention to the meeting have been developed. We pay attention to entertainment application and implement a system using a dialog robots. The system which users can feel as if enjoying the movie together in the same room even if they are in different a remote places is proposed. By distinguishing and transmitting the person's verbal behavior and nonverbal behavior, the telepresence robot can express the person's presence strongly as the person's avatar. By the technique of measuring the position and posture of users and robots by sensors, and establishing virtual spatial relationship, the user can place robots freely and gaze coincidence of a look is maintained correctly. We designed the three robot arrangement / control methods that flexibility differed. We also proposed the technique of exaggerating a motion of a robot by the feeling presumed from a user's gesture, the tone of voice, and volume of voice as a system which raises presence.
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