Title Evaluating How the Humanfs Impression Formation of Robots is Effected by the Relation between the Robots
Authors Megumi Tsujimoto (Hokkaido University)
Nagisa Munekata (Hokkaido University)
Tetsuo Ono (Hokkaido University)
Abstract Robots are expected to advance into social space, due to the developments in robotics. There are many studies that adopt preexisting theories of relationships between humans to relationships between humans and robots. We believe that those relationships are affected not only by the human-robot interactions, but by also the robot-robot interaction. We verified whether the balance theory is established in a relationship between a human and two robots. Our system for this experiment auto-generates the scenario to establish a triadic relationship, and controls the two robots. The results show that the robots' did behavior influence the impressions humans had of the robots and that the balance theory was established.
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