Title Can we perceive animacy from artficial agents? : A brain ERP study using a motion Turing Test
Authors Haruaki FUKUDA (The University of Tokyo)
Kazuhiro Ueda (The University of Tokyo)
Abstract We investigated neural mechanisms working for animacy perception by recording Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) under a motion Turing test. Observing an agent, either of an animate thing (turtle) or an inanimate thing (robot), which was covered in a box and moving, participants were asked to answer whether they felt the agent in the box as animate or inanimate. We compared ERPs when they felt it as animate with those when they felt it as inanimate. As a result, we found that the brain activity in left infero-frontal region was significantly different between the two conditions. Next, we implemented the different types of motion to a robot and examined whether ERPs differed across the different types of the robotfs motion. We found that the brain activity in right occupito-temporal region was varied in accordance with the lifelikeness of agentfs motion. From these findings, we discuss the possibility of animated agent that is adequate for our cognitive mechanisms.
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