Title The proposal of the agent robot design to realize lifelike motion using the rotary joint
Authors Mitsuru Muramatsu (Keio University)
Yusuke Kamiyama (Keio University)
Shunji Yamanaka (The University of Tokyo)

Abstract In Human Agent Interaction, designing lifelike motion and shape is important factor to allow a user to perceive an affinity for an agent. But, to imitate structure or behavior of actual living things is not necessarily needed to make a user to perceive animacy. Most researches on animacy perception use CG animation to evaluate the effect of lifelike motion, and they doesn't design lifelike motion based on an actual mechanical structure and actuator. In this paper, we describe about the robot which named gFlagellah which was designed to realize lifelike motion using a motor which is a basic actuator of artifact.
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