Title Investigation of Object-indicating Behaviors ~ Between Spacial Difficulty and Robot's Degree of Freedom ~
Authors Tomoko Yonezawa (Kansai University)
Hirotake Yamazoe (Osaka University)

Abstract In this paper, we introduce an expressive method of the robot's ``effort'' and ``hardships'' while indicating a particular object. For the popular designs of robots which have few degree of freedom, it should be very important to design delicate but effective behaviors to express additional effort. Accordingly, we propose adopting additional and delicate motion of the robot's head in addition to indicating gesture by the robot's arm. The results of our preliminary experiments with subjective and objective experiments showed a) the difference of the object sensation by age, b) the strength of the arm for the object indication, and c) the possibility of robot's expression for ``effort'' using the additional motion of the robot's face toward left side, differently from the direction of the arm. Finally, we suggest an geometric model of difficulty and the gradual expression of ``effort'' corresponding to the difficulty.
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