Title Abotar: An Expressive Method of Web Communication using Appearances of Avatars Attached to Text Messages and Remarks
Authors Yukari Nakatani (Kansai University)
Tomoko Yonezawa (Kansai University)

Abstract Recent internet societies and social networking services provide very attractive systems for many internet users to communicate with more than one person. However, if the number of communication partners increase, we cannot read all remarks, comments, and replies. Also, the time duration to read each gets shorter. Sometimes we cannot have continuous relationship with these over-net friends. This paper proposes an expressive communication system using avatars' appearances in association with communicative remarks as seen in Twitter. The characteristic appearances enable to communicate by the texts with feeling other users' personalities. Each avatar's remark is appeared based on real remarks of the other users. Our Web-based expressive system shows multiple avatars in one virtual space. We aim that the multiple avatars express each remark's characteristic to distinctly emphasis partner's personality.
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