Title A method for gcomposingh tactile sense and its application for Human Agent Interaction
Authors Yasuhiro Suzuki (Nagoya Univ.)
Rieko Suzuki (Facetherapie Co.Ltd, Keio Univ.)
Abstract Tactile sense is irreducible for human begin, however it is not easy to examine or design tactile sense. Because we have not yet developed a suitable method for describing the tactile sense, so we propose a method based on musical scoring, which we refer to as the gtactile score.hWe have been collaborate with cosmeticians who gives massages and based on their experience in beauty salons, we have developed the method for describing massaging, gtactile scoreh; and we have analyzed massages that show high beauty effects by using the tactile score and found that there are basic techniques of massages and also the rules of composing techniques exist. Tactile score have been developed for massaging, we also show that this method can be applied various areas, in order to create comfortable tactile sense.
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