Title Preliminary Evaluation of a Telepresence Robot Conveying Pre-motions for Avoiding Speech Collisions
Authors Komei Hasegawa (University of Tsukuba)
Yasushi Nakauchi (University of Tsukuba)
Abstract We developed a telepresence robot for avoiding speech collisions occurred in remote conversations. In face-to-face conversations, humans predict who will speak in next by referring other participantsf motions. These motions are called pre-motions. However, pre-motions are likely to be unperceived in teleconferences such as video chat conversations using two-dimensional video. The failure of the prediction causes speech collisions. It undermines the participants' motivation and wastes time. To solve this problem, we developed a telepresence robot conveying gestures including pre-motions. We use Kinect for the gesture perception device and humanoid robot for conveying unconscious gestures. According to a preliminary experiment we conducted, our telepresence robot allowed to reduce speech collisions.
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