Title Enhancing Empathy toward an Agent by Immersive Learning
Authors Hirotaka Osawa (University of Tsukuba)
Michita Imai (Keio University)
Abstract We proposes to enhace empathy of the user to agent for improving human-agent interaction. Previous agent interaction mainly uses strategy of sympathy - to making humanlike appearance, expressions, and communication strategies. This approach restricts agent's behaviors on anthropomorphic range. If a human being can understand non-humanlike agent's state, we can bring more various design in HAI. We compared our hypothesis by teaching task - how to build blocks - with two kind of robot's modalities and two type of participants who have an experience for manipulating Agent and who have not. The result shows that the participant who experienced manipulation of the robot feels the robot's attitude more natural, if the robot's modality is far from manipulator. The result suggest that the user's empathy toward the agent is achieved in case that the user has an experience of the agent's modalities.
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