Title Interaction to Unknown Entity in Virtual Embodied Interaction
Authors Takafumi Sakamoto (Shizuoka University)
Yugo Takeuchi (Shizuoka University)
Abstract In order to encourage communication relationships between people and artifacts, the artifact's behavioral design must be considered. We examined how people act towards an unknown entity that has no physical appearance and, thus, is without predisposed prejudice. In our experimental environment, the unknown entity is expressed as a shadow circle and the participants interacted with these shadow circles based on physical position. The participants began the experimental task by standing at a position marked by an x and we analyzed the participants'movement as they walked from one x mark to the next. When the shadows carried out an intricate movement based on the participant's position, the participants more frequently avoided or pursued the shadows. Therefore, human primary action toward a social entity responds to the movement of the target entity.
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