Title How does the continuous use of infant-directed speech to a robot influence the user?
Authors Ryoko Shibata (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Takatsugu Kojima (Shiga University of Medical Science)
Motoyuki Ozeki (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Natsuki Oka (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Abstract It is known that the prosodic feature of infant-directed speech (IDS) is different from that of adult-directed speech (ADS). Although it is known that IDS has an influence on infants' cognition, it is not clear whether it has a cognitive effect on adults as well. We ask two participants who live together to interact with a robot in their home for one week with IDS, and with another robot for another week with ADS, and we investigate the difference in the users' prosodic feature of speech between the two conditions.
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