Title Motivational Expression on Smart Walker for Rehabilitation Exercise
Authors Oh-hun Kwon (KAIST)
Jeong-Yean Yang (KAIST)
Dong-Soo Kwon (KAIST)
Abstract This paper presents motivational expression on a Smart Walker during rehabilitation exercise for the recovery of walking ability. Smart Walker is an application of robotic system for elderly, whose main purposes are to improve mobility and maintain balance and it can be also used as a rehabilitation assistant for patients who having trouble walking resulted from some cause, such as stroke. The proposed Smart Walker system have tablet devices as an interaction channel and it has expressional modality consisted of 3D avatar for facial expression, TTS, and dialog message. The agent on Smart Walker motivates the patient to do rehabilitation exercise more actively by using motivational expressions are decided from userfs task performance and faithfulness. To decide motivational expression userfs task performance and faithfulness are quantified and rule-based decision tree is used.
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