Title Effect of Advances in Wisdom of Robot in Collaborative Learning
Authors Felix Jimenez (Chukyo Univarsity)
Masayoshi Kanoh (Chukyo University)
Abstract This study clarified the effect of advances in wisdom of robot in collaborative learning. The robot learns while solving a problem issued by a English vocabulary learning system with a human learner. The robot was designed to solve the problem in the same was as learners and could not solve it correctly at the beginning. However, the robot changed the solving method to a more effective one and could solve the problem correctly as the learning progressed. Ten college students with low level English learned using a learning system with robot for two months and took exams. We found that learners came to imitate the learning method of the robot and change their way of learning to the more effective one. This suggest that the robot, which changes the question-solving method to a more effective one and increases its accuracy rate as learning progress, prompts learners to change their learning method to the more effective one.
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