Title Proposal for an agent model which has imagined human relationship
Authors Toshihiro Osumi (Keio University)
Hirotaka Osawa (University of Tsukuba)
Michita Imai (Keio University)
Abstract In this paper, we propose a multiagent model for dealing with interpersonal relationship. In traditional multiagent simulation, agents change their states by checking states of neighbor agents, but they do not tell states of neighbor agents or linked agents to other agents. Additionally, the agent model can not show that the agent misunderstands another agent's internal state. In this paper, we proposed a multiagent model based on "Socion theory". Agents of the model have imagined interpersonal relationships as their own internal states. And we also investigate the effect of telling information of other agents on spreading its own impression. We show that a hub agent's impression is spread widely compared to a fringe agent only using a strategy and communication pathway without influence parameter. We believe proposed model could be a foundation of multiagent models for dealing with interpersonal relationship.
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