Keynote: Jane Hsu

Jane Hsu, National Taiwan University

Jane Hsu
National Taiwan University

Keynote: Crowdsourcing Agents for Smart IoT

Time: October 30th at 14:00


Activity recognition is a key capability for a smart environment to offer timely services and intelligent interactions with people, especially with the growing number of connected devices. While logging data from connected sensors is no longer beyond reach, it is still quite difficult to collect the labels required by machine learning approaches to activity recognition. In this research, crowdsourcing agents are designed to acquire status labels from people situated in the environment.

Experiments on crowdsourcing in a typical building on campus have been conducted to improve air conditioning and space utilization. In particular, we will discuss how crowdsourcing agents in the form of simple physical objects can significantly improve user engagement as well as data quality. Collaboration among cyber-physical agents can lead to better user experience and overall performance.


Jane Hsu is a Professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University. Her research interests include multi-agent systems, knowledge mining, commonsense computing, and context-aware services. Prof. Hsu is the director of Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center, featuring global research collaboration among NTU, Intel, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan. She serves on the editorial board of Journal of Information Science and Engineering (2010-), International Journal of Service Oriented Computing and Applications (Springer, 2007-2009) and Intelligent Data Analysis (Elsevier/IOS Press, 1997-2002). She is actively involved in key international conferences as organizers and members of the program committee. In addition to serving as the President of Taiwanese Association for Artificial Intelligence (2013-2014), Prof. Hsu has been a member of AAAI, IEEE, ACM, Phi Tau Phi, and an executive committee member of the IEEE Technical Committee on E-Commerce (2000) and TAAI (2004-current).