Sponsorship & Support

HAI 2016 invites sponsors from both the academia and the industry to participate at our interdisciplinary community’s annual conference. HAI brings together international research scientists and engineers to discuss new frontiers in the domain of human-agent interaction. This year’s edition of HAI is held in Singapore, a vibrant cosmopolitan city-state.

Benefits of Sponsors

  • Exposure to leading audience. We expect the attendance from a diverse range of international universities, research institutes, and companies.
  • Opportunities to advertise your products, research and organisations as a whole online and during the conference.
  • Job advertisements can be effectively communicated to the student audience of the Conference through our online portal, in the published materials and at your exhibition booths during the conference.
  • Singapore is has been rated the best conference location for 7 years because of its facilities, hospitality, easy connectivity and tourist attractions. It is a place to visit and revisit with new discoveries all year round.

There are several levels of engagement for sponsors each of which includes a tailor-made range of benefits at the Conference. Detailed information can be found in HAI2016 Sponsorship Packages

For more information, please contact our Sponsorship Chair (sponsorship@hai2016.org)







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