Technical Programme

Main Track Sessions


Session Name/TimeSession namesTitleAuthorChair / Co-chair
Wed. 10:30 - 11:30
Designing interactionsPerception of Animacy by the Linear Motion of a Group of RobotsMomoka NakayamaMasahiro Shiomi / Kazuki Kobayashi
Exploring Social Interaction with Everyday Object based on Perceptual CrossingSiti Aisyah Anas
Pre-scheduled Turn-Taking between Robots to Make Conversation CoherentTakamasa Iio
Wed. 11:30 - 12:30
Power of GroupsDo Synchronized Multiple Robots Exert Peer Pressure?Masahiro ShiomiTakamasa Iio / Sinhwa Kang
NAMIDA: Sociable Driving Agents with Multiparty ConversationNihan Karatas
Are you talking to me? Improving the robustness of dialogue systems in a multi party HRI scenario by incorporating gaze direction and lip movement of attendeesViktor Richter
Wed. 15:00 - 16:00
Modelling InteractionsBuilding Trust in PRVAs by User Inner State Transition through Agent State TransitionTetsuya MatsuiSho Sakurai / Yugo Takeuchi
The Use of The BDI Model As Design Principle for A Migratable AgentMamoru Yamanouchi
Conversational Agents and Mental Health: Theory-Informed Assessment of Language and AffectAdam Miner
Wed. 16:30 - 17:30
Emotions and Inner StatesImproving Smartphone Users' Affect and Wellbeing with Personalized Positive Psychology InterventionsSooyeon JeongTomoko Koda / Adam Miner
Investigating Breathing Expression of a Stuffed-Toy Robot Based on Body-Emotion ModelNaoto Yoshida
Sharing Emotion described as text on the Internet by changing self-physiological perceptionSho Sakurai
Thu. 9:00 - 10:00
Extending Body ImageSynthesizing Realistic Image-based Avatars by Body Sway AnalysisMasashi NishiyamaHirotaka Osawa / Tetsushi Oka
Who am I touching ?: User study of remote handshaking with a telepresence faceKana Misawa
Embodiment of Video-mediated Communication Enhances Social TelepresenceYuya Onishi
Thu. 10:30 - 11:30
Human CharacteristicsInvestigating effects of Professional Status and Ethnicity in Human-Agent InteractionMohammad ObaidHideyuki Nakanishi / Andreea Ioana Niculescu
Does a Conversational Robot Need to Have its own Values? A Study of Dialogue Strategy to Enhance People's Motivation to Use Autonomous Conversational RobotsTakahisa Uchida
Thu. 11:30 -12:30
Communication CuesAlignment Approach Comparison between Implicit and Explicit at Object Reference ConversationMitsuhiko KimotoKazunori Terada / Tomio Watanabe
Communication Cues in a Human-Robot Touch InteractionTakahiro Hirano
Humotion -- A human inspired gaze control framework for anthropomorphic robot headsSimon Schulz
Thu. 16:30 - 17:30
Interaction TacticsA Leader-Follower Relation between a Human and an AgentKazunori TeradaMichita Imai / Yasuhiko Kitamura
"I know how you performed!"- Fostering Engagement in a Gaming Situation Using Memory of Past InteractionsAndreas Kipp
Children's facial expressions in truthful and deceptive interactions with a virtual agentMariana Serras Pereira
Fri. 9:00 - 10:00
Supporting WorkUnderstanding Behaviours and Roles for Social and Adaptive Robots In Education: Teachers' PerspectiveMuneeb Imtiaz AhmadAndreas Kipp / Yoshimasa Ohmoto
Evaluation of Schedule Managing Agent among Multiple Members with Representation of Background NegotiationsTomoko Yonezawa
LAP: a Human-in-the-loop Adaptation Approach for Industrial RobotsWilson Ko
Fri. 11:30 - 12:30
Agents in real-worldA method to alternate the estimation of global purposes and local objectives to induce and maintain the intentional stanceYoshimasa OhmotoTomoko Yonezawa / Luis Fernando D'Haro
Pedestrian Notification Methods in Autonomous Vehicles for Multi-Class Mobility-on-Demand ServiceMarcelo Ang
Estimating person's awareness of an obstacle using HCRF for an attendant robotKenji Koide


Poster Presentation Sessions


Session Name/TimeTitleAuthorChair / Co-chair
Wed. 13:30 - 14:00
Whispering Bubbles: Exploring Anthropomorphism through Shape-Changing InterfacesQiu ShiKarunanayaka Kasun
"Look at Me!" -- Self-Interruptions as Attention Booster?Birte Calmeyer
Cross-cultural Study of Perception and Acceptance of Japanese Self-adaptorsTomoko Koda
Thu. 14:30 - 15:00
Magnetic Dining Table Interface and Magnetic Foods for new Human Food InteractionsKasun KarunanayakaHayashi Yugo
A Study on Trust in Pharmacists for Better HAI DesignLim Jia Qi
Forming Intimate Human-Robot Relationships Through A Kiss MachineEmma Zhang Yann

Interactive Poster Sessions

Session Name/TimePoster NumberTitleAuthorChair/Co-chair
Wed. 14:00 - 15:00
1Tracking of Human Gestures under Field-of-View ConstraintsKeng Peng TeeFranz Kummert / Karunanayaka Kasun
2Whispering Bubbles: Exploring Anthropomorphism through Shape-Changing InterfacesShi Qiu
3Model-Driven Gaze Simulation for the Blind Person in Face-to-Face CommunicationShi Qiu
4Investigation of Practical Use of Humanoid Robots in Elderly Care CentresYan Wu
5User Generated Agent: Designable Book Recommendation Robot Programmed by ChildrenYusuke Kudo
6Cross-cultural Study of Perception and Acceptance of Japanese Self-adaptorsTakuto Ishioh
7Modulating Dynamic Models for Lip Motion GenerationSingo Sawa
8Magnetic Dining Table Interface and Magnetic Foods for new Human Food InteractionsKasun karunanayaka
9A Study on Trust in Pharmacists for Better HAI DesignJia Qi Lim
10Development of a Simulated Environment for Recruitment Examination and Training of High School TeachersMasato Fukuda
11Ex-Amp Robot: Physical Avatar for Enhancing Human to Human CommunicationAi Kashii
12Interaction in a Natural Environment: Estimation of Customer's Preference Based on Nonverbal BehaviorsHidehito Honda
13Ear Ball for Empathy: To realize the sensory experience of people with Autism spectrum disorder.Taisuke Murakami
14Process of Agency Identification Based on the Desire to Communicate in Embodied InteractionTakafumi Sakamoto
15Can Children Anthropomorphize Human-shaped Communication Media?: a Pilot Study on Co-sleeping with a Huggable Communication MediumJunya Nakanishi
16A Multimodal Control Architecture for Autonomous Unmanned Aerial VehiclesMarco Antonio Gutierrez
Thu. 15:00 - 16:00
1Human-Robot Cooperative Conveyance Using Speech and Head GazeTetsushi OkaYuanwei Chua / Hayashi Yugo
2"Look at Me!" -- Self-Interruptions as Attention Booster?Birte Carlmeyer
3Investigation on Effects of Color, Sound, and Vibration on Human's Emotional PerceptionSichao Song
4Voting-Based Backchannel Timing Prediction Using Audio-Visual InformationTomoki Nishide
5Forming Intimate Human-Robot Relationships Through A Kissing MachineEmma Yann Zhang
6Effects of deformed embodied agent during collaborative interaction tasks: Investigation on subjective feelings and emotionYugo Hayashi
7Human Posture Detection using H-ELM Body Part and Whole Person Detectors for Human-Robot InteractionManoj Ramanathan
8Behavioral Expression Design onto Manufactured FiguresKazuki Kobayashi
9"I'm Scared": Little Children Reject RobotsMasahiro Shiomi
10Towards an Interactive Voice Agent for Singapore HokkienBoon Pang Lim
11Effect of Embodiment Presentation by Humanoid Robot on Social TelepresenceIkkaku Kawaguchi
12Ambiguity-driven Interaction in Robot-to-Human TeachingJun Miura
13Impression on Human-Robot Communication Affected by Inconsistency in Expected Robot PerceptionKaito Tsukada
14Haptic Workspace Control of the Humanoid Robot ArmsLongjiang Zhou
15Attention Estimation for Child-Robot InteractionTakashi Omori
16Designing MUSE - a multimodal user experience for a shopping mall kioskAndreea I. Niculescu
Fri. 10:30 - 11:30
1Response Tendencies of Four-Year-Old Children to Communicative and Non-Communicative RobotsMako OkandaAlbertus H. Adiwahono / Britta Wrede
2Thermal Sweet Taste Machine for Multisensory InternetKasun Karunanayaka
3See Where I am Looking at: Perceiving Gaze Cues With a NAO RobotEunice Mwangi
4Promoting Physical Activities by Massive Competition in Virtual MarathonYasuhiko Kitamura
5Development of an Embodied Avatar System using Avatar-Shadow's Color Expressions with an Interaction-activated Communication ModelYutaka Ishii
6Model-based Reminiscence: Guiding Mental Time Travel by Cognitive ModelingJunya Morita
7Exploring Gaze in Interacting with Everyday Objects with an Interactive CupSiti Aisyah Anas
8ChiCaRo: Tele-presence Robot for Interacting with Babies and ToddlersKasumi Abe
9Mutual Adaptation between a Human and a Robot Based on Timing Control of "Sleep-time"Masahiro Kitagawa
10Simulation of a Tele-operated Task under Human-Robot Shared ControlLongjiang Zhou
11Evaluation of a Substitution Device for Emotional Labor by using Task-Processing Time and Cognitive LoadTakeomi Goto
12A Web-based Platform for Collection of Human-Chatbot InteractionsLue Lin
13The Optimum Rate of Mimicry in Human-Agent InteractionYumiko Shinohara
14Smart Mobile Virtual Characters: Video Characters vs. Animated CharactersSin-Hwa Kang