Birds of a Feather (BoF) is a kind of participant-generated meetings happening during a conference. It can be that you feel “I would like to meet the HAI participants from my part of the world!”, or “I wonder if there are people that want to meet and discuss a possible collaboration around my research area?”, or something else. It is you as a participant that suggests a topic, and then we host it as a part of the conference.

The steps are:

  1. You or someone else fill out the form below, before the start of the conference or during the first day. Of course, the only way to be sure someone suggests the BoF is to do it yourself!
  2. The organizing committee evaluates the suggestion, and if we approve it…
  3. …we announce it in the program and assign a dedicated Zoom room
  4. (You are most welcome to market the BoF via the conference Slack workspace)
  5. At the announced time and in the dedicated Zoom room you meet up. The participant who suggested the BoF is responsible for being host to the meeting.