Times in the schedule are in Japan Standard Time (GMT+9:00).

Day 1 (9th, Nov.)

6:30-7:20Keynote 1Ghost Engineering: Technologies for designing ourselves via embodied interaction
Prof. Takuji Narumi, The University of Tokyo

Session chair: Hirotaka Osawa
Session co-chair: Kohei Ogawa
7:20–7:35Yoga Break
7:35–8:50Session 1Telepresence
Session chair: Eduardo Sandoval
Session co-chair: Itaru Kuramoto
8:50–15:30Online Video PresentationsYou can play the video presentations by yourselves
15:30–16:00Social Event 1Icebreaking Japan QUIZ
Yoga Break
16:00–17:10Poster 1Poster 1-1 (core time: 16:00-16:35)
Marked with 1 Balloon

hai24p Put that Away and Talk to me – the Effects of Smartphone induced Ostracism while Interacting with an Intelligent Virtual Agent by Elisabeth Ganal
hai25p When No One is Watching: Ecological Momentary Assessment to Understand Situated Social Robot Use in Healthcare by Casey C Bennett
hai27p Trust, but Verify: Autonomous Robot Trust Modeling in Human-Robot Collaboration by Basel Alhaji
hai28p Strategic Recommendation in Short-Horizon MABs by Or Zipori
hai29p Towards an Adaptive Game to Promote Public Engagement by Muneeb Ahmad
hai30p Towards a Cognitive Framework for Multimodal Person Recognition in Multiparty HRI by Jonas Gonzalez
hai31p Internal-state-based parameterized model of robot’s touching manners based on subjective evaluation by Tomoko Yonezawa
hai32p Conveying the Perception of Humor Arising from Ambiguous Grammatical Constructs in Human-Chatbot Interaction by Juan Carlos Farah
hai33p HMI-based Communication Methods for Negotiation between a Manually Driven Vehicle Driver and an Autonomous Vehicle in an Ambiguous Traffic Scenario by Yang Li
hai34p Younger and Older Adults’ Perceptions on Role, Behavior, Goal and Recovery Strategies for Managing Breakdown Situations in Human-Robot Dialogues by Maitreyee Maitreyee
hai35p Why Do We Delegate to Intelligent Virtual Agents? Influencing Factors on Delegation Decisions by Ningyuan Sun

Poster 1-2 (core time: 16:35-17:10)
Marked with 2 Balloons

hai36p On the Effect of User Faults on her Perception of Agent’s Faults in Collaborative Settings by Reut Asraf
hai38p Agent’s Internal State Expression Related to Desire and Suppress Based on Behavior and Physiological Expression by Naoto Yoshida
hai39p Crowd-Worker Skill Improvement with AI Co-Learners by Takumi Nakayama
hai41p Perceptions of Anthropomorphism in a Chatbot Dialogue: The Role of Animacy and Intelligence by Guy Laban
hai42p Cognitive Models Leading to Behavior-Reading in a Card Game by Atsushi Hosokawa
hai43p Initial Assessment of Job Interview Training System using Multimodal Behavior Analysis by Nao Takeuchi
hai44p Enhancing sense of attention by drawing the user’s face in the co-communicator’s thought bubble in the video conferencing system by Yuta Nitada
hai20p Towards the Applicability of the Robot in the Role of an Invigilator by Muneeb Ahmad
hai22p Exposure to robotic virtual agent affects adoption of intentional stance by Lorenzo Parenti
hai23p Inferring Human Beliefs and Desires from their Actions and the Content of their Utterances by Yuta Watanabe
17:10–17:35Yoga Break
17:35–18:50Session 2Behavior Design and Model
Session chair: Naoto Yoshida
Session co-chair:Jean Botev

Day 2 (10th, Nov.)

6:00–6:50Keynote 2Material mind and enrobotment: living humans vs robots
Prof. Irini Giannopulu, Institute of Clinical Research and Technological Innovation, RCIT & Creative Robotics Lab, UNSW
6:50-7:15Yoga Break
7:15–8:25Poster 2Poster2-1 (core time: 7:15-7:50)
Marked with 1 Balloon

hai01p Development of an Evaluation System for Outdoor Advertising Using Smartphone Eye Tracking by Takuya Soejima
hai02p A Study of Voice Comments in Video Posting Services by Kazuya Tamura
hai03p A Proposal for an Automatic Door Opening and Closing Interface Based on Speech Recognition and Pose Estimation by Tatsuki Terashima
hai04p “How to best say it?” : Translating Directives in Machine Language into Natural Language in the Blocks World by Sujeong Kim
hai05p Power of Gijinka: Designing Virtual Teachers for Ecosystem Conservation Education by Tetsuya Matsui
hai06p The Effect of the Repetitive Utterances Complexity on User’s Perceived Empathy and Desire to Continue Dialogue by a Chat-oriented Dialogue System by Jie YANG
hai07p A Subtle Effect of Inducing Positive Words by Playing Web-Based Word Chain Game by Naoki Osaka
hai08p Analysis of Role-Based Gaze Behaviors and Gaze Aversions, and Implementation of Robot’s Gaze Control for Multi-party Dialogue by Taiken Shintani
hai09p Examining the factors that make co-watching with agents effective by Masaki Abe
hai10p Designing a Chatbot System for Recommending College Students to Counseling and Collecting Dialogue Data by Kento Yasuda
hai13p Identifying User Personas for Engagement with a COVID-19 Health Service Delivery Relational Agent by Ashraful Islam

Poster2-2 (core time: 7:50-8:25)
Marked with 2 Balloons

hai14p Impression evaluation of interaction among robots based on collision avoidance behaviors by Fumio Hamanaka
hai15p Tele-Nininbaori: Intentional Harmonization in Teleoperation Avatar with Simultaneous Operation by Two-persons by Hirotaka Osawa
hai16p Improving Engagement in Virtual Experiences by Inducing Intentional Stance Based on Based on the Retention of Temporal-Continuous User’s Information by Yoshimasa Ohmoto
hai17p Study of Interviewee’s Impression Made by Interviewer Wearing Digital Full-face Mask Display During Recruitment Interview by Kureha Noguchi
hai18p Japanese Dictionary for Sentiment Analysis of Counseling Text by Masataka Nakayama
hai19p Smart Agents and Devices of Today and Tomorrow: Surveying Use and Desires by Samantha Reig
hai21p Relationship between Users’ Trust in Robots and Belief in Paranormal Entities by Tetsuya Matsui
hai26p The Effect of Robot Decision Making on Human Perception of a Robot in a Collaborative Task – A Remote Study by Ali Noormohammadi Asl
hai37p “I See You!”: A Design Framework for Cues about Agent Visual Perception from a Thematic Analysis of Video Games by Matthew Rueben
hai40p Constellation: a Multi-User Interface for Remote Drone Tours by Jiannan Li
8:25–8:40Special Help desk for Audience
8:40–15:30Online Video PresentationsYou can play the video presentations by yourselves
15:30–16:00Social Event 2Birds of Feather and Fast preview of 1-min videos
16:00–17:15Session 3Emotion and Personality
Session Chairs Tomoko Yonezawa
Session co-chair: Casey Bennett
17:15–17:30Yoga Break
17:30–18:45Session 4Chatbots and Conversational Agents
Session chair: Tomoko Koda
Session co-chair: Muneeb Ahmad

Day 3 (11th, Nov.)

6:00–7:15Session 5Driving
Session chair: Drazen Brscic
Session co-chair: Kazuaki Tanaka
7:15-7:35Yoga Break
7:35–8:50Session 6Group Collaboration
Session chair: Kazunori Terada
Session co-chair: Moojan Ghafurian
8:50–15:30Online Video PresentationsYou can play the video presentations by yourselves
15:30–16:00Social Event 3Short-time and cocktail party for research discussion in random Zoom breakout rooms (small rooms)
16:00–17:15Session 7Trust and Persuasion
Session chair: Martina Ruocco
Session co-chair: Takuya Iwamoto
17:15–17:45Closing / Award Ceremony