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<About sponsor event>
Since HAI2020 will be held in online mode, CyberAgent will be holding the sponsor event that anyone can easily participate in!
The event will include an introduction of CyberAgent and a quiz-style presentation of unexpected findings from the past experiments on HAI.
You may be able to learn about the real reactions of Japanese customers from our unexpected results, and it may help you with your research ideas for the future.
Please feel free to join us!

When: Thursday, Nov 12th, from 11:00AM-12:00PM (GMT)
Contents: Introduction of CyberAgent, Quiz-style presentation and Q&A
Presenter: Jun Baba (A research Leader of The Conversational Agent Research Group in AI Lab CyberAgent and who gave a keynote talk at IEEE RO-MAN 2020)

<About CyberAgent AI Lab>
CyberAgent AI Lab is undertaking R&D projects for a wide range of applications in digital marketing.
While strengthening industry-academic cooperation with universities and academic institutions, we are working on a variety of technical issues and engaging in research and development to solve business problems and make academic contributions.

The Conversational Agent Research Group in AI Lab has a vision of creating “Dialogue agents that makes people want to trust and trust them unintentionally“.
We have been collaborating on a research project with the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University (co-researcher: Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro) since 2017.
We aim to establish fundamental technologies for the realization of interactive agents, including robots, that can interact harmoniously with humans and society, and to acquire scientific knowledge about human interactive abilities.

In order to accelerate academic research, we have also been collaborating with Yuki Okafuji, Assistant Professor of Ritsumeikan University since 2019.
In addition, We have started joint research this year with Masahiro Osawa, Assistant Professor of Nihon University, on the theme of “Behavioral change by using the resolution of cognitive dissonance in HAI“.

We have been experimenting not only in a controlled environment but also in a field where we can interact with real users, such as hotels, commercial facilities, and e-commerce sites.

As a result, we are actively contributing to top conferences such as HAI, CHI, HRI, and IROS as follows.

[Past research examples]

1. Heartwarming Interaction Service at a hotel with Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation

  –How to Enhance Social Robots’ Heartwarming Interaction in Service Encounters     [HAI 2019 Best Poster Award ]

  –Can a Humanoid Robot Engage in Heartwarming Interaction Service at a Hotel?   [HAI 2018]
  –Smart Speaker vs. Social Robot in a Case of Hotel Room [IROS 2020]

2. Teleoperated Robot for Conversational Services

  –Teleoperated Robot Acting Autonomous for Better Customer Satisfaction [CHI 2020 (in press)]

3. Robotics to attract passersby

  –Face-to-Face Contact Method for Humanoid Robots Using Face Position Prediction [HRI 2019]
Please Listen to Me: How to Make Passersby Stop by a Humanoid Robot in a Shopping Mall [HRI2020]

4. Matchmaking Party with Robots

5. Agents that Suppress Customer Anger

  –Conversational Agents to Suppress Customer Anger in Text-based Customer-support Conversations [HAI 2018]

6. Chatbot-Based Recommendation System

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