HAI 2020 Theme: “Artificial Intelligence + Experience Design” HAI 2020 is the 8th annual International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction. The advent of artificial intelligence, in the past decade, has motivated researchers to focus on several algorithmic prospects in developing intelligent robotics agent and their interactions. Progressively, AI advances are leading to exciting outcomes in the HAI field and at the same time opening up for a wide perspective on how to design intelligent robotic agents. Particularly, how to combine artificial intelligence and user experience design approaches in human-agent interaction. The HAI conference seeks contributions from a broad range of disciplines such as engineering, computer science, psychology, sociology, cognitive science, business, marking and design.

There are three categories of sponsorship for HAI 2020, with cost and benefits as follows: 

Categories Cost Benefits 
Gold5,000 USD and above Large size Logo on Booklet, web, conference site.  Demo booth, Play video or show logo slide at screen or a display while coffee break. 2 Free Participants. USB and booklet. Poster and distribute documents at registration desk. 
Silver3,000 USD Middle size Logo on Booklet, web, conference site. Play video or show logo slide at screen or a display while coffee break. 1 Free Participants. USB and booklet.   Poster and distribute documents at registration desk. 
Bronze1,000 USD Small Logo on Booklet, web, conference site. 

How to apply:  

Potential sponsors, please send email to Sponsor chair (hai2020sponsorship@haiconference.net) with the following information.  

  1. Company name 
  2. Contact person’s name 
  3. Invoice address (the company) 
  4. The amount of sponsorship 
  5. What are you getting in return? (e.g., do you want exhibition desks etc.) 

If you are interested in sponsoring lunch or dinner, please contact the sponsorship chairs (mailto: hai2020sponsorship@hai-conference.net) 


All submissions need to be submitted by 23.59 HST Hawaii Standard Time.

Full Papers (4-8 pages):
22 June 2020 (Extended Deadline)

3 August 2020: Notification
30 August: Camera-Ready Submission

Posters (2 pages):
7 August 2020  (Extended Deadline)
17 August 2020: Notification 
30 August: Camera-Ready Submission

Workshops/Tutorials: CANCELED 
20 July 2020: Proposal Submission
27 July 2020: Proposal Notification 

Virtual Online Conference:
10-13 November 2020