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Poster Session 1
Session Chair: Thommy Eriksson

Breakout Room: Conversational Agents
Moderator: Omar Mubin
The Interactive Show: A Conversational Companion For Young Children And Childcare Assistant For Parents; Neelma Bhatti, Timothy L. Stelter, Scott McCrickard
Perception of Synthetic Voices in Human-Agent Interaction; Sarah Warchhold, Daniel Duran
Study on Text-based and Voice-based Dialogue Interfaces forHuman-Computer Interactions in a Blocks World; Sujeong Kim, Amir Tamrakar
Creation of a Character Control System Using Fuzzy Japanese Speech Input; Minori Yoshida, Hiro Bizen, Makoto Jimbu, Yasuo Kawai
Development and Evaluation of Agent’s Adaptive Gaze Behaviors; Kazuhiro Horie, Tomoko Koda
Breakout Room: Creativity
Moderator: Mohammad Obaid
Proposal for an Interactive Dollhouse with Multiple Sensors and Projection Mapping; Makoto Jimbu, Minori Yoshida, Hiro Bizen, Yasuo Kawai
Long-Term Interaction and Persistence of Engagement for Musical Interaction using a Genetic Algorithm; Richard J Savery, Gil Weinberg
Fabric(a): Co-crafting textiles with robots; Seçil Uğur Yavuz
The role of the Human User in the Cognitive Internet of Things; Dimitra Anastasiou, Lou Schwartz, Alexandre Baudet, Yannick Naudet
Breakout Room: Human-Agent Cooperation
Moderator: Giulia Perugia
Studying Human-Agent Interactions in Space Invaders; Jamie Large, Graham Stodolski, Marynel Vázquez
Designing Experiment for Understanding the Robot Collaborative and Non-collaborative Motion in Human-Robot Interaction; Naoko Abe, David Rye, Lian Loke
Human Robot Team Design; Connor Esterwood, Lionel Peter Robert
How Agents Provide Sports Motivation; Daichi Katsura, Subaru Ouchi, Daisuke Sakamoto, Tetsuo Ono

Poster Session 2
Session Chair: Mohammad Obaid

Breakout Room: Mental Health
Moderator: Patrícia Alves-Oliveira
At Your Service: Coffee Beans Recommendation From a Robot Assistant; Jacopo de Berardinis, Gabriella Pizzuto, Francesco Lanza, Jorge Meira, Antonio Chella, Angelo Cangelosi
Domestic Robots for Individuals Living With Loneliness: A Long-Term In-Home Interaction Study Design; Rahatul Amin Ananto, Denise Y. Geiskkovitch, James E. Young
Please Tell Me About It: Self-Reflection Conversational Robots to Help With Loneliness; Adriana Lorena González, James E. Young
Was Vector a Companion during Shutdown? Insights from an Ethnographic Study in Austria; Christiana Tsiourti, Anna Pillinger, Astrid Weiss
Breakout Room: New Topics in HAI
Moderator: Wafa Johal
Swarm Robots in Education: A Review of Challenges and Opportunities; Wafa Johal, YU PENG, Haipeng Mi
Snuggle Bot: A Novel Cuddly Companion Robot Design; Danika Passler Bates, James E. Young
A Robust Approach for Continuous Interactive Reinforcement Learning; Cristian Camilo Millán-Arias, Bruno Fernandes, Sergio Murilo Maciel Fernandes, Francisco Cruz, Richard Dazeley
Breakout Room: Robots for Public Spaces
Moderator: Muneeb Ahmad
SEAN: Social Environment for Autonomous Navigation; Nathan Tsoi, Mohamed Hussein, Jeacy Espinoza, Xavier Ruiz, Marynel Vázquez
Public Relation Robots – An Overview; Søren Tranberg Hansen
HRI Users’ studies in the context of the SciRoc Challenge; Lun Wang, Luca Iocchi, Andrea Marrella, Daniele Nardi