Poster Sessions

Tech Session (Poster Session 1.1 – Tuesday)

1028Interactive Perceptual Companion: Prototyping a digital perception for HAIHaider Ali Akmal
Jonathan Shaw
Eduardo Benitez Sandoval
1029Partners Who Grow Together: Collaborative Machine Learning in Video Game AI DesignJibing Shi
Richard J. Savery
1035Survey of the Effect of Preference for a Lecturer Disguised as an Avatar on Desire to View Lecture VideoNanami Kojima
Yoshinari Takegawa
Asuka Terai
Keiji Hirata
1041Mixed-Cultural Speech for Mixed-Cultural Users – Natural vs. Synthetic Speech for Virtual AgentsDavid Obremski
Birgit Lugrin
1046Hype Dlive: XR Live Performance System for Improving Passenger Comfort in Autonomous DrivingTakuto Akiyoshi
Masashi Abe
Yuki Shimizu
Yusaku Takahama
Koki Nagata
Taishi Sawabe
1063Modeling and understanding future action decisions of players during online gamingFabrizia Auletta
Gaurav Patil
Rachel W Kallen
Mario di Bernardo
Michael J. Richardson
1067Towards a Smart Robot Model for Traffic Signal Management in Developing CountriesHarisha Prakash
Igor Tchappi
Amro Najaar
Yazan Mualla

Empathy and trust (Poster session 2.1 – Wednesday)

1001Perspective-taking of virtual agents for promoting prosocial behaviorsChenlin Hang
Tetsuo Ono
Seiji Yamada
1004Embodied Virtual Interactions: What Does Equity Mean to You? Preliminary Results for the Impact of Transgender Avatar Embodiment on EmpathyCassandra L. Crone
Grace Chamberlin
Kyle Aspinall
Gaurav Patil
Michael J. Richardson
Rachel W. Kallen
1011A Bona Fide Turing TestSharon Temtsin
1030What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger: Conceptualizing social robots’ pain and consumers empathetic response through touchLeila Mouzehkesh Pirborj
Omar Kubin
Michael Lwin
Aila M Khan
1047A Wizard or a Fool? Initial Assessment of a Wizard of Oz Agent Supporting Collaborative Virtual EnvironmentsJames Simpson
Michael J. Richardson
Deborah Richards
1049Experimental Investigation of Trust in Anthropomorphic Agents as Task PartnersAkihiro Maehigashi
Takahiro Tsumura
Seiji Yamada
1061Human-Social Robots Interaction: the blurred line between necessary anthropomorphization and manipulation.Rachele Carli
Amro Najjar
Davide Calvaresi
1034Measuring Subconscious Gender Biases against Male and Female Virtual Agents in JapanTomoko Koda
Saori Tsuji
Miki Takase

User qualities and perception (Poster session 1.2 – Tuesday)

1009Robot Persuasiveness Depending on User GenderIsabella Ågren
Sofia Thunberg
1040User experience of human-robot long-term interactionsGuy Laban
Arvid Kappas
Val Morrison
Emily S. Cross
1020Angel and Devil Robots: Personifying a Dilemma to Influence WillpowerKento Goto
Kazuki Mizumaru
Daisuke Sakamoto
Tetsuo Ono
1038Would You Be Stressed If Anthropomorphic Agents Were Handing Out POCKET TISSUES Around Town? : Evaluation by VR StudyDaiki Fujishima
Tomiki Miyamoto Daisuke Katagami
1052Humanness is in the eye of the beholder: Role of predictability and theory of mind on anthropomorphism in human-computer interactionsJulia Apache
Andrew M. Connor
Stefan Marks
Alexander Sumich
Nadja Heym
1054Can vicarious agents follow the intent of clients’ orders in making risk judgments?Yuri Sato
Haruaki Fukuda Kazuhiro Ueda
1058The Effect of Exaggerated Nonverbal Cues on the Perception of the Robot PepperSarah Hanna Fischer Darja Stoeva
Margrit Geläuts
1064Evaluating Human-Artificial Agent Decision Congruence in a Coordinated Action TaskGauriv Patil
Phillip Bagala
Patrick Nalepka
Rachel W Kallen Michael J. Richardson

Children and art (Poster session 2.2 – Wednesday)

1003Perceptions of Intelligence & Sentience Shape Children’s Interactions with Robot Reading Companions: A Mixed Methods StudyNathan Caruana
Ryssa Moffat
Aitor Miguel Blanco
Emily S. Cross
1014Robotic Arm Generative Painting Through Real-time Analysis of Music PerformanceRichard J Savery Anna Savery
Justin Baird
1018XAI: Using Smart Photobooth for Explaining history of artAmro Najjar
Nina Hosseini-Kivanani
Igor Tchapppi Haman
Yazan Mualla
Egberdien van der Peijl Daniel Karpati
Christoph Schommer
1036Interaction in Remote Peddling Using Avatar Robot by People with DisabilitiesTakashi Kanetsuna
Kazuaki Takeuchi
Hiroaki Kato
Taichi Sono
Hirotaka Osawa Kentaro Yoshifuji
Yoichi Yamazaki
1053A Computer Game-based Tangible Upper Limb Rehabilitation DeviceQinglei Bu
Xiaoyi Cheng
Fan Yang
Jie Sun
Limin Yu
Ying Hou
1044Neurodiverse Human-Machine Interaction and Collaborative Problem-Solving in Social VRPatrick Nalepka
Nathan Caruana
David Kaplan
Rachel W. Kallen
Elizabeth Pellicano
Michael J. Richardson
1027Proposing a post-anthropocentric HAI through the perception of sentient entities as trans-objectsHaider Ali Akmal Eduardo Benitez Sandoval
1065The Meeting: Volumetric Participatory Theater Play in Mixed RealityKrzysztof Pietroszek Manuel Rebol
Becky Łąkę