Call for Papers

Call For Papers

The 10th International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction (HAI 2022)

December 5-8, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tenth International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction (HAI 2022) aims to be the premier interdisciplinary venue for discussing and disseminating state-of-the-art research and results that have implications across conventional interaction boundaries including robots, software agents and digitally-mediated human-human communication. HAI will gather researchers from fields spanning engineering, computer science, psychology and sociology, and will cover diverse topics, including: human-robot interaction, affective computing, computer-supported collaborative work, gaming and serious games, artificial intelligence, and more.

The theme for the HAI2022 conference will be “Real-Virtuality: Merging the Physical and Digital worlds”. Indeed, during the past two years a lot of the interactions moved online; this year, hybrid interactions are becoming possible. This regain of the virtual world combined with advances in robotics and embodied intelligence offers new opportunities for researchers to explore the connections between the physical and digital realm. Agents, avatars and robots that can mediate and extend the human’s capabilities allowing a seamless continuum between metaverse and real world. While all submissions related to HAI are welcome, you are especially encouraged to submit papers in line with the theme for HAI 2022. The HAI conference seeks contributions from a broad range of disciplines such as engineering, computer science, psychology, sociology, cognitive science, business, marketing and design. We hope to be a venue to connect these diverse areas, even though the conference will be online.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • studies of Human-Agent Interaction, with quantitative/qualitative results;
  • theoretical models;
  • technological advances;
  • experimental methods;
  • impacts of embodiment;
  • character and avatar design; and
  • agents in applications, e.g. self-driving cars, social networks.
  • agents in business and marking
  • experience design
  • Autonomous and adaptive agents/systems

Proceedings will be published with ACM.

Important Dates:

Full paper submissions:     June 21, 2022 EXTENDED: June 30, 2022, 11:59 AOE

Poster submissions:         EXTENDED: August 19, 2022

Workshop submissions:     July 15, 2022

Submission page

Manuscripts, posters etc. can be submitted under the following link: