The conference program is now available online as a printable document. The workshop program is available online.


The conference will take place in the Rehua building, room 102 and 103. A campus map is available.

Monday, December 5th

December 5th will be the HAI Tutorial day, please visit the subpage for more information.

Tuesday, December 6th

08:30Conference Opening
09:00Keynote: Who would you like to deliver your healthcare?Rehua 102Elizabeth Broadbent
10:00BreakRehua 103
10:45 – 11:50Session 1: Applications and Human Perceptions
Chair: Friederike Eyssel
Rehua 102
10:45Older Adults’ Perception of the Furhat RobotRehua 102Sofia Thunberg
Maria Arnelid
Tom Ziemke
11:05Does media format matter? Investigating the toxicity, sentiment and topic of audio versus text social media messagesRehua 102Jamy Li
Karen KP
Penaranda Valdivia
11:25Students’ Views on Intelligent Agents as Assistive Tools for Dealing With Stress and Anxiety in Social SituationsRehua 102Samira Rasouli
Moojan Ghafurian Kerstin Dautenhahn
11:45LunchRehua 103
13:30 – 14:50Session 2: Assistants and Dialogue
Chair: Yugo Takeuchi and Divesh Lala
Rehua 102
13:30Perceptions of the Helpfulness of Unexpected Agent AssistanceRehua 102Kate Candon
Zoe Hsu
Yoony Kim
Jesse Bin Chen Nathan Tsoi
Marynel Vázquez
13:50The Effect of the Repetitive Utterances Complexity on User’s Desire to Continue Dialogue by a Chat-oriented Spoken Dialogue SystemRehua 102Jie Yang
Hirofumi Kikuchi Takatsugu Uegaki
Kaito Moriki Hideaki Kikuchi
14:10Don’t Take it Personally: Resistance to Individually Targeted Recommendations from Conversational Recommender AgentsRehua 102Guy Laban
Theo Araujo
14:30Mixed-Cultural Speech for Intelligent Virtual Agents – the Impact of different Non-Native Accents using Natural or Synthetic Speech in the English LanguageRehua 102David Obremski
Paula Friedrich Helena Babette Hering
Birgit Lugrin
14:50Poster Teasers – Session 1 & 2
15:30Posters Session 1 – with Coffee (first half until 16:15, posters of the Tech Session, second half, posters of the User Qualities)Rehua 103
17:00ReceptionRehua 103

Wednesday, December 7th

09:00Keynote: A very simple design for a very intelligent machine (but with a catch)Rehua 102Doug Campbell
10:00BreakRehua 103
10:20 – 12:00Session 3: Frameworks, Models, and Decisions
Chair: Marynel Vazquez and Daisuke Katagami
Rehua 102
10:20User Involvement in Training Smart Home AgentsRehua 102Leonie Nora Sieger
Julia Hermann
Astrid Schomäcker
Stefan Heindorf
Christian Meske Celine-Chiara Hey
Aysegül Dogangün
10:40Let’s Play Against Each Other! The Influence of Human-Agent Competition and Collaboration on Agent Learning and Human PerceptionRehua 102Ornnalin Phaijit
Claude Sammut
Wafa Johal
11:00Advantage Mapping: Learning Operation Mapping for User-Preferred Manipulation by Extracting Scenes with Advantage FunctionRehua 102Rintaro Hasegawa Yosuke Fukuchi
Kohei Okuoka Michita Imai
11:20A Decision Support Design Framework for Selecting a Robotic InterfaceRehua 102Shreepriya Gonzalez-Jimenez Danilo Gallo
Ricardo Sosa
Eduardo Benitez Sandoval Tommaso Colombino Antonietta Maria Grasso
11:40Backchannel generation model for a third party listening agentRehua 102Divesh Lala
Koji Inoue
Kei Sawada
Tatsuya Kawahara
12:00LunchRehua 103
13:30 – 14:30Session 4: Empathy, Trust and Culture
Chair: Eduardo B. Sandoval and Tomoko Koda
Rehua 102
13:30Exploring Factors Affecting User Trust Across Different Human-Robot Interaction Settings and CulturesRehua 102Muneeb Ahmad
Abdullah Alzahrani
Simon Robinson
13:50Effects of self-experience and situational awareness on empathic help to virtual agentsRehua 102Junya Morita
Yuna Kano
14:10Study on the Perception of Implicit Indication When Collaborating with an Artificial AgentRehua 102Lena Guinot
14:30Prepare for the Poster Teaser Session
14:45Poster Teasers – Session 3 & 4
15:50Posters Sessions 2 – with Coffee (first half until 16:15, posters of the Empathy Session, second half, posters of the Art & Children Session)Rehua 103
17:00ReceptionRehua 103

Thursday, December 8th

09:00Keynote: The Heuristic of Sufficient Explanation: Implications for Human-Agent InteractionRehua 102Andrew Vonasch
10:00BreakRehua 103
10:30 – 11:50Session 5: Motion and Gestures
Chair: Tetsuo Ono and Jamy Li
Rehua 102
10:30Effect of repetitive motion intervention on self-avatar on the sense of self-individualityRehua 102Tetsunari Inamura
Shinichirou Eitoku
Iwaki Toshima
Shinya Shimizu
Atsushi Fukayama
Shiro Ozawa
Takao Nakamura
10:50Enabling Shared Attention with Customers Strengthens a Sales Robot’s Social PresenceRehua 102Masaya Iwasaki
Kosuke Ogawa
Akiko Abe Yamazaki Keiichi Yamazaki
Yuji Miyazaki
Tatsuyuki Kawamura Hideyuki Nakanishi
11:10VISTURE: A System for Video-Based Gesture and Speech Generation by RobotsRehua 102Kaon Shimoyama
Kohei Okuoka
Mitsuhiko Kimoto Michita Imai
11:30A User-Centered Evaluation of the Data-Driven Sign Language Avatar System: A Pilot StudyRehua 102Alfarabi Imashev
Nurziya Oralbayeva
Anara Sandygulova Vadim Kimmelman
13:30 – 14:40Session 6: Non-verbal interaction
Chair: Richard Savery and Hirotaka Osawa
Rehua 102
13:30Perception of Emotional Relationships by Observing Body Expressions between Multiple RobotsRehua 102Kazuki Mizumaru Daisuke Sakamoto Tetsuo Ono
13:50What is the speed boundary between patting and slapping by a robot?Rehua 102Taichi Hirayama
Yuka Okada
Mitsuhiko Kimoto
Takamasa Iio
Katsunori Shimohara Masahiro Shiomi
14:10Attributing social motivations to changes in agents’ behavior and appearanceRehua 102Diogo Rato
Marta Couto
Rui Prada
14:30Motion and Meaning: Data-Driven Analyses of The Relationship Between Gesture and Communicative SemanticsRehua 102Carolyn Saund
Haley Matuszak
Anna Weinstein
Stacy Marsella

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