HAI 2022: Awards

Best Paper Award Nominees of HAI 2022 were:

  • Leonie Nora Sieger, Julia Hermann, Astrid Schmucker, Stefan Heindorf,
    Christian Meske, Celine-Chiara Hey, and Aysegül Dogangün for the paper “User Involvement in Training Smart Home Agents: Increasing Perceived Control and Understanding”
  • Sofia Thunberg, Maria Arnelid, and Tom Ziemke for the paper “Older Adults’ Perception of the Furhat Robot”

The Best Paper Award of HAI 2022 went to:

  • Rintaro Hasegawa, Yosuke Fukuchi, Kohei Okuoka, and Michita Imai for the paper “Advantage Mapping: Learning Operation Mapping for User-Preferred Manipulation by Extracting Scenes with Advantage Function”

The Best Poster Award of HAI 2022 went to:

  • Tomoko Koda, Saori Tsuji, and Miki Takase for their poster “Measuring Subconscious Gender Biases against Male and Female Virtual Agents in Japan”

Congratulations to all nominees and award winners for their excellent contributions to HAI 2022!

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