Cloud-Based Sentiment Analysis for Interactive Agents
Hussain Kazmi, Merel Keijsers, Christoph Bartneck

Emotional Gripping Expression of a Robotic Hand as Physical Contact
Xiaoshun Meng, Naoto Yoshida, Tomoko Yonezawa

App-LSTM: Data-driven Generation of Socially Acceptable Trajectories for Approaching Small Groups of Agents
Fangkai Yang, Christopher Peters

Deploying a Deep Learning Agent for HRI with Potential “end-users” at Multiple Sheltered Housing Sites
Marta Romeo, Daniel Hernandez Garcia, Ray Jones, Angelo Cangelosi

Criticality-based Collision Avoidance Prioritization for Crowd Navigation
Himangshu Saikia, Fangkai Yang, Christopher Peters

A Conversational Robotic Approach to Dementia Symptoms: Measuring Its Effect on Older Adults
Ryuji Yamazaki, Hiroko Kase, Shuichi Nishio, Hiroshi Ishiguro

Analyzing Eye Movements in Interview Communication with Virtual Reality Agents
Fuhui Tian, Shogo Okada, Katsumi Nitta

Calibrate my Smile: Robot Learning Its Facial Expressions through Interactive Play with Humans
Dino Ilic, Ivana Zuzic, Drazen Brscic

The Role of Animism Tendencies and Empathy in Adult Evaluations of Robot
Mako Okanda, Kosuke Taniguchi, Shoji Itakura

Team Design Patterns
Jurriaan van Diggelen, Matthew Johnson

Acting as if Being Aware of Visitors’ Attention Strengthens a Robotic Salesperson’s Social Presence
Masaya Iwasaki, Jian Zhou, Mizuki Ikeda, Yuya Onishi, Tatsuyuki Kawamura, Hideyuki Nakanishi

Let Me Get To Know You Better – How Interactions Can Help Overcoming Uncanny Feelings
Maike Paetzel

Users’ Perception of Empathic Expressions by an Advanced Intelligent System
Jacqueline Urakami, Billie Akwa Moore, Sujitra Sutthithatip, Sung Park

A Computational Model of Trust-, Pupil-, and Motivation Dynamics
Trond A. Tjøstheim, Christian Balkenius, Birger Johansson

Switch off a Robot, Switch off a Mind? How Dualist and Computational Philosophy of Mind Predict Attitudes and Behaviours towards Robots in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)
Nicolas Spatola

Hierarchical Affordance Discovery using Intrinsic Motivation
Alexandre Manoury, Sao Mai Nguyen, Cedric Buche

A Model of Social Explanations for a Conversational Movie Recommendation System
Florian Pecune, Shruti Murali, Vivian Tsai, Yoichi Matsuyama, Justine Cassell

Notification Timing of Agent with Vection and Character for Semi-Automatic Wheelchair Operation
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It’s How You Say It: Identifying Appropriate Register for Chatbot Language Design
Ana Paula Chaves, Eck Doerry, Jesse Egbert, Marco Aurelio Gerosa

Decoding Affective Emotions from EEG Brainwave Signals under Wearable Robot Affective Touch
Ker-Jiun Wang, Caroline Yan Zheng

Parent Disciplining Styles to Prevent Children’s Misbehaviors toward a Social Robot
Jorge Gallego Pérez, Kazuo Sasaki, Yasuhiro Kanakogi, Takayuki Kanda

Playing Chess at a Human Desired Level and Style
Hanan Rosemarin, Ariel Rosenfeld

A Markovian Method for Predicting Trust Behavior in Human-Agent Interaction
David V. Pynadath, Ning Wang, Sreekar Kamireddy

The Design Method of the Virtual Teacher
Tetsuya Matsui, Seiji Yamada

Tangible Communication of Emotions with a Digital Companion for Managing Stress: An Exploratory Co-Design Study
Monika Jingar, Helena Lindgren

An Investigation on the Effectiveness of Multimodal Fusion and Temporal Feature Extraction in Reactive and Spontaneous Behavior Generation RNN Models for Listener Agents
Hung-Hsuan Huang, Masato Fukuda, Toyoaki Nishida