We invite proposals for workshops and tutorials to be held at HAI 2019 Conference, in Kyoto, Japan, 6-10th October 2019. The workshop and tutorial sessions aim to provide an opportunity to discuss current and emergent topics on Human-Agent Interaction including but not limited to research topics, application, design and implication concerning the social aspects of agent interfacing. In particular, we welcome both full and half day workshop and tutorial proposals that bridge the gap between theoretical advances and innovative applications of Human-Agent Interaction. Please note: Tutorials are conceptually different to Workshops. Tutorials are given by expert instructors, typically with established reputations, teaching people new to a topic. Workshops are meetings of experts exploring new knowledge.


Guidelines for proposals

Workshop and tutorial proposals should contain the necessary information for the respective chairs and reviewers to judge the importance, quality and community interest in the proposed topic. Each workshop/tutorial should have one or more designated organizers and a workshop/tutorial program. When proposing a workshop/tutorial, please provide the following information:

-A concise title;

-A description of the specific issues that the workshop/tutorial will address, the reasons why the workshop/tutorial is of interest to the community, and the main research areas involved; -Proposed duration of the workshop/tutorial – half or full day; -The names and affiliations of the organizers; -A tentative list of Program Committee members -A draft of the Call for Papers, including information on accepted formats and expected format of the workshop/tutorial (e.g., invited talks, presentations, poster sessions, panel discussions, challenge sessions, or other ideas for ensuring an interactive atmosphere);


Any special requirements regarding logistics (e.g. poster stands, more than one projector), if applicable.

Note that the workshop/tutorial would not be in main conference venue but in an adjacent university.


Proposal Submission

Please submit your workshop proposals by e-mail to the HAI workshop chairs: hai2019workshop@hai-conference.net

Please submit your tutorial proposals by e-mail to the HAI tutorial chairs: hai2019tutorial@hai-conference.net

For any inquiries, please also email to these email addresses, respectively.


Important Dates

Workshop/Tutorial Proposals:

– 9th July 2019: Proposal Submission

– 23rd July 2019: Notifications