EXTENSION: The deadline for full paper submissions has been extended due to many requests. The new deadline is May 21st.

HAI 2019 is the 7th annual International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction. It is a venue with an interdisciplinary nature to discuss and disseminate state-of-the-art research on topics that relate to human interactions with a range of agent systems, including physical robots, virtual agents, socially interactive agents, and artificially intelligent agents.


The theme for HAI 2019 is
“Human-Agent Interaction, the Heart of Artificial Intelligence.”


Due to the rapid progress of deep learning, AI has reached a human or superhuman level in image recognition and games such as Go and is approaching the level of human in speech recognition, translation, automatic driving, and many other applications. It can be said that Human-Agent Interaction (HAI) has now become the most exciting target area of AI.

While all submissions related to HAI are welcome as usual, you are especially encouraged to submit papers in line with the theme for HAI 2019, “Human-Agent Interaction, the Heart of Artificial Intelligence.” We are looking forward to sharing the latest research results of HAI that contribute to elucidate the mechanism of intelligence, implementation reports of groundbreaking HAI utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, and advanced research results of the boundary region between HAI and AI such as interactive machine learning and human-AI partnerships.


The HAI conference seeks contributions from a broad range of disciplines such as engineering, computer science, psychology, sociology, cognitive science, and design.


Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • studies of Human-Agent Interaction, with quantitative/qualitative results;
  • theories, design aspects and evaluations of human-agent interaction;
  • theoretical models;
  • technological advances;
  • experimental methods;
  • impacts of embodiment;
  • character and avatar design;
  • agents in social networks;
  • user experience design with social agents; and
  • digitally-mediated human-human communication.


Full papers results will be archived in the ACM Digital Library.

Please submit your work to HAI 2019 via the PCS submission system: https://new.precisionconference.com/hai

All submitted papers will be reviewed by at least three reviewers and will receive a meta review for quality assurance. Papers will be evaluated on the basis of research originality, excellence, significance and relevance to HAI. We also invite position papers, preliminary (but high impact) studies and concept papers.

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  •  Full Papers (up to 8 pages) 

14 May 21 May 2019 (extended): Paper Submission

– 9 July 2019: Notifications

– 6 Aug. 2019: Final Camera-Ready Paper Due