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[04/09] Call for Student Volunteers

A total of eight volunteers are needed for this year’s HAI conference. Each volunteer should work for at least one day. All volunteers are expected to perform their assigned work actively and efficiently. To recognize their work, each volunteer will receive a waiver of the conference registration fee. (Please note, if you have an accepted publication, you will still need to pay for the publication fee)

If you are interested in becoming a student volunteer at HAI 2023, please submit your EOI via the following link before 30th September 2023:  Link Acceptance will be notified on October 15th, 2023

[8/09] Registration

Registration is open! Please go to the registration page for details

Welcome to HAI ’23!

The Eleventh International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction (HAI 2023) aims to be the premier interdisciplinary venue for discussing and disseminating state-of-the-art research and results that have implications across conventional interaction boundaries including robots, software agents and digitally-mediated human-human communication. HAI will gather researchers from fields spanning engineering, computer science, psychology and sociology, and will cover diverse topics, including: human-robot interaction, affective computing, computer-supported collaborative work, gaming and serious games, artificial intelligence, and more.

The theme for the HAI2023 conference will be “Human Empowerment and Inclusive Society”. The development of HAI and AI tools in virtual and real contexts has enriched the metaverse and opened up new possibilities in social tasks and for human beings themselves. This has raised questions on the trustworthiness and fairness of these systems. Further, how we can make these systems more equitable and inclusive in their design as they interact with humans. Consequently, the next step we need to take is to carry out in expanding an inclusive society as one of sustainable development goals. It is still unclear how people can live happily amidst the amazing development of technology. While all submissions related to HAI are welcome, you are especially encouraged to submit papers in line with the theme for HAI 2023.

Program Overview

Time (Start) Mon (04/12) Tue (05/12) Wed (06/12) Thur (07/12) Time (Start)
8:00 Registration Registration Registration Registration 8:00
9:00 Keynote 1 Keynote 2 TAIGA Talk & Session 7 9:00
10:00 Workshops Coffee Coffee 10:00
11:00 Session 1 Session 4 Session 8 11:00
12:00 Lunch Lunch MERPHI Talk & Lunch Lunch 12:00
13:00 Diversity & Inclusion Session 13:00
Session 2 Session 5
14:00 14:00
Session 9
Poster 1 & Poster 2 &
15:00 Coffee Coffee 15:00
16:00 Session 3 Session 6 Session 10 16:00
Closing &
17:00 Lucia Award 17:00
: :
18:30 Banquet 18:30