Call for Workshop/Tutorial

We invite proposals for workshops and tutorials for the 11th ACM International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction (HAI 2023) to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 4-7 December 2023. The workshop and tutorial sessions aim to provide an opportunity to discuss current and emerging topics on Human-Agent Interaction. The HAI conference seeks relevant proposals from a broad range of disciplines such as engineering, computer science, psychology, human-computer interaction, sociology, cognitive science, design, social sciences, humanities, ethics and philosophy, and business/marketing.

Topics of workshops/tutorials include, but are not limited to:

  • studies of HAI with a quantitative/qualitative or a mixed-methods approach, across a wide variety of application areas, e.g., therapy and healthcare, education, public spaces, and retail.
  • technological advances in HAI
  • experimental methods for the evaluation of HAI
  • “in the wild” field studies for the evaluation of HAI
  • impact of embodiment
  • character and avatar design
  • agents in social networks
  • agents in computer games
  • affective computing
  • art and technology
  • design approaches
  • innovative research methods
  • long-term studies involving HAI

We welcome both full- and half-day workshops and tutorials that bridge the gap between theoretical advances and innovative applications of Human-Agent Interaction.

Please note: Tutorials are conceptually different from workshops. Tutorials are given by expert instructors, typically with established reputations, teaching people new to a topic. Workshops are meetings of experts exploring new knowledge.

Important Dates:

Note: All deadlines are based on end of day (23:59) AoE time zone. Check your local time in AoE.

  • Workshop/Tutorial Proposal Submission Deadline: August 4, 2023 August 10, 2023
  • Acceptance Notification Date: August 24, 2023
  • Camera-ready Deadline: September 13, 2023 September 20, 2023
  • Workshop/Tutorial Day at the Conference: 4 December 2023